“No man is literate who cannot read his own heart.” —Eric Hoffer

    Rights and credits

    I write, design, code and maintain this website myself. The text, unless otherwise noted, is released via a Creative Commons Attribution/No Derivative License—which means you can use it wherever you’d like, so long as you;

    1. ) attribute the work to Jason Roberts, and
    2. ) don’t alter it—i.e., don’t change the words, add words I didn’t write, or edit it so as to change the meaning. If I write I cooked and ate an Italian meal, don’t quote me as saying I cooked and ate an Italian. You get the idea.

    Creative Commons License

    Quotations of any length are fine, so long as it’s clear from the context which words are mine. Links back to jasonroberts.net are appreciated, but not necessary.

    This license applies only to text first published on this site, not to excerpts of my work published elsewhere. Those are covered by their respective copyrights.


    Those lovely images gracing the top left corners are by fabulously talented Susan Riben Christensen, of Copenhagen, Denmark. She also uses Creative Commons—in fact, her works here are released under the same Attribution/No Derivative License I use for my text.


    I’m using WordPress these days. It’s a very blog-centric piece of software, and only one section of this website would qualify (loosely) as a “blog”.  But WordPress has a lot of features that nudge it closer to the CMS (Content Management Software) category. Earlier incarnations of this website have been created in SilverStripe, Dreamweaver, and plain old hand-coded HTML.

    To extend WordPress’s capabilities, I use the AddThis module to add link-sharing to my pages, and drive my navigational interface with Flexi Pages. While the design is my own, I’d like to thank Andrea Mignolo for making some great CSS ideas publicly available, some of which I adapted for this site’s current incarnation.

    I’ve been using Laughing Squid as my webhost for some years now, and I highly recommend them. Fair prices and good service, which includes actual human beings at the other end of the line when you need them.